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Space Cadets


Space Cadets- Play as a slightly disgruntle space farm boy who must take on the entire imperial army with only his trusty astro mech droid, a star fighter ship and his special purpose all because he did not want to clean the evaporators...>

Space Cadets! calling for back up! There is a Galactic Dispute raging in the Universe Good vs Evil and a hero is needed to bring order to the chaos. Choose your star fighter, destroy as many bad guys as you can rack up a high score and compete on the galaxy wide leaderboards. use your force power to destroy objects along with your arsenal of weapons. and your trusty astro mech droid unit by your side.

Choose from 3 ships( more coming soon)
7 power ups
Fight in 7 levels
Battle 7 bosses from the epic canon
Use your force power to destroy and move objects from your path
Top score leader boards
laser, space ships and bosses oh my!
retro top down 2d pixael game play with a 3d modern flare

Updates coming soon, new ships, new worlds, new fan boy fun!



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